About Us

Bladerunner History

Bladerunner was first started in the port of San Antonio Ibiza 2003 and revolutionised the water sports industry in Ibiza. Started by Whitewater Evolution owner Marcel Williams, considered to be the modern day father of water sports on the island, Bladerunner has enjoyed over 11 years of success giving nearly 100,000 people in that time the adventure of a lifetime and a seaborne view of a mystical place.

Ibiza to Mallorca boat trips

Ibiza to Mallorca

Due to its incredible success naturally the Bladerunner concept had to expand and what better place to come to than Mallorca. The Balearic capital offers some of the most spectacular scenery in the world, from its majestic mountainous range to its white sandy beaches, turquoise waters and over 300 days of sunshine making it the number 1 holiday destination in the Mediterranean. With hundreds of hidden coves, Marine Reserves and Nature reserve Islands, Bladerunner and Mallorca were made for each other!

Our crew


All of our staff hold professional Internationally recognised qualifications and receive regular training and updates in Health & Safety practices and policies. Your safety means your enjoyment and each and every person receives the same level of care and attention to guarantee you enjoy and feel safe at all times.

The Crew

Our Team


Full Noe Gregorio

My name is Noe Gregorio. I am Canadian with Spanish /Portuguese background. I am a typical Canuck that loves ice hockey and snowboarding but also love to surf, SUP and snorkel. I was lucky enough to find my dream job in Ibiza 10 years ago with Bladerunner and after 5 years I returned to Canada for a few years but upon finding out the company had moved to Mallorca I was very eager to return and have been working here in Mallorca for 2 years and love every minute of it. Living the dream.


Juanmi Amengual

Hello my name is Juanmi, i’m from Mallorca and i’m 40 years old. This will be my second summer as Captain of the Bladerunner. I enjoy driving boats abd extreme sports such as rock climbing. I look forward to seeing you all this summer to enjoy an excellent excursion full of excitement. See you soon!


Nicki Laguna Park

I was born here in Mallorca with a Scottish Mother and Spanish Father, and lived here all my life. I have been at Bladerunner for 3 and a half years as Professional Captain/crew. I love all things water sports including surfing, Jet Ski and SUP and love going to the gym.
I can’t wait for summer in Mallorca make sure you come and join us!